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Civil and Commercial Litigation

Account actions
Contract writing
Breach of contract
Injunctions and safeguard orders

Other services
  • Seizures
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Civil and commercial leases
  • Defamation
  • Claims arising from license and/or distribution contract
  • Professional liability
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Disputes between partners
  • Unfair competition and practices
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency

Corporate Law

Making and updating of book of minutes
Annual resolutions
Due diligence
Shareholders agreement
Shareholders litigation

Other services
  • Businesses in difficulty, recovery, bankruptcy, liquidation
  • Legal exclusion of a member of a board
    of direction
  • Transfer, acquisition, of a stock in trade
  • Agreement of share purchase
  • Sale, warrant, deposit
  • Company and leasing
  • Intellectual or industrial property
  • Trademarks, drawings, models
  • Non-profit organization
  • Commercial law, commercial lease
  • Corporate taxation

Labor Law

Draft of employment contract
CSST complaint and indemnities
Occupational injury and disability
Breach of non competition clause
Breach of confidentiality clause

Other services
  • Collective agreement bargaining
  • Application and interpretation of collective agreements and labor laws
  • Relationships with unions
  • Support in the daily management of labour relations
  • Psychological harassment in the workplace
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Administrative and disciplinary measures
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Employment claims
  • Notice of termination of employment
  • Resignation
  • Writing of employer policies, procedures and other administrative documents
  • Cancellation of employment contract without cause
  • Employer liability and fraud against an employee
  • Reassignment to work
  • Contract termination
  • Representation in various courts (Administrative Labour Court, the Court of Human Rights, grievance arbitration)

International Law

Liability for non-compliance with an international contract
Drafting of international contracts
Research and advice on European law
International arbitration
International sale of goods
Execution of judgments and arbitral decisions abroad
Unfair competition

Family Law, Estate Law
and Law of Persons

Divorce and conventional separation as to property
Annulment of marriage
Unjust enrichment property and undivided property
Partition of the family patrimony
Compensatory allowance and divorce
Child support and alimony

Other services
  • Custody
  • De facto union contract
  • Curatorship and tutorship
  • Successions and liberalities
  • Adoption and filiation
  • Declaratory judgmentDivision of family assets

Banking Law

Credit law
Prior claims and hypothecs
Enforcement procedures (mortgage remedy)
Bankruptcy law
Fraud and financial crimes

Municipal and Environmental Law

Notice of contamination and decontamination
Notice to environmental authorities
Negotiating and drafting of environmental clauses
Certificates of approval
Environmental audits
Maritime law

Other services
  • Access to information
  • Urban planning and development
  • Expropriation
  • Zoning
  • Application and interpretation of regional and municipal regulations
  • Relations with governmental agencies and different levels of government
  • Representation before specialized courts and tribunals

Construction Law
and Real Estate Law

Construction law
Residential and commercial leases
Condominium (representation, condominium management)
Hidden defects
Vice of title
Execution of the deed

Other services
  • Acquisitive prescription
  • Legal hypothec
  • Servitudes
  • Determination of boundaries
  • Expropriation
  • Property and neighborhood dispute

Professional Law

Professional laws, internal policies, administrative regulations
Complaints and investigation reports issued by professional orders
Complaints made by the public
Illegal practice (representation of professional associations and individuals)
Professional liability, civil and criminal


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